Vision & Mission & Aim

SEİSO Energy’s vision is to supply all solar power Technologies in best form as a leader company in solar energy;

  • In a world that’s better to live,
  • In a world where the nature i protected,
  • In a world where all people can easily reach to basic modern life requirements,
  • In a world where all electricity and heating need can be easily met locally.

SEISO Energy’s mission is to supply energy solutions based on solar power to its customers in different regions and countries as an honest, reliable, principled, and bright ideas creator in a long term lifetime.

SEİSO aims to help for a better world economy and create a world that’s livable for the next generations by minimizing energy costs with effective and sustainable solar power projects. SEİSO purposes to be the key in Turkey, Middle East, African and CIS countries by its expert engineers and technicians in a short time which performed many different solar projects for Turkish government, industrial plants, tourism enterprises, farm and residences. SEİSO’s target is to be the best engineering company in Eastern Europe and Middle East in 2015.

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